Canada Life Assurance Europe plc

Various insurance documents have been updated for Canada Life. Over the years, the product information and insurance conditions have been consistently expanded.

HA Hessen Agentur GmbH

Design and production of the issues of HA aktuell for 2023, with interesting reports from Hesse and the “Energy transition in Hesse” monitoring report.

Hamm | Kempf & Partner

Invoice forms, stationery and various types of envelopes were produced for the law firm.

Stephan Michel Maler GmbH

Various types of advertising materials were designed and implemented for the painting company and for the client’s work as an expert witness.

Porsche Club 928 e.V.

Several publications and stickers were once again produced for the Porsche Club in 2023. The club’s activities are picking up again after the pandemic.

ReCor Medical

In 2023, ReCor Medical was due for a redesign. In close cooperation with the customer, the basic design was adapted for various advertising materials. The extensive range of materials was then produced and distributed logistically.

Stratmann hören und sehen

In 2023, business cards and a cube block, among other things, were designed and created for the opticians and hearing-aid specialists.

Frankfurter Tafel e.V.

Various advertising materials were once again designed and produced for Tafel Frankfurt in 2023. From business cards to flyers and car stickers, everything was included.