We are constantly developing ourselves further.

We operate active quality management and are oriented to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our quality policy is not only reflected in words, but also in our actions. We have this regularly checked and documented by external agencys.

A list of our acquired quality certificates can be found here.

Fogra Certification

To this end, an annual review of the quality of the reference proofs is carried out. The measured proofs must be colour-binding for specific printing processes. Tight tolerances must be maintained in order to obtain recurring colour results.


Hessian Prequalification Register – HPQR-Certificate

Herewith it is confirmed that Studio Oberländer GmbH is qualified as a competent, efficient and reliable company for public contracts and is registered in the prequalification database.



With this certificate, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Wiesbaden confirms that Studio Oberländer GmbH with its supplies and services is registered in the official register as a suitable company for public contracts.