German Adler GmbH

The creation of the new catalogue is finished. On 64 pages you will find many new products for smooth processes. The cover was printed on a cardboard coated with silver foil. The effect of colour on metal optics is also used brilliantly on the customer’s labe.

HA Hessen Agentur GmbH – HA aktuell

The “HA aktuell – Wirtschaftsforschung und Landesentwicklung” informs 2 to 3 times a year about current projects in Hessen. Hessen and the Brexit, economic relations or urban redevelopment are some examples of the variety of topics.

Ingenieurbüro Harald Belz

We are pleased to welcome Mr Belz and his team as customers. Several flyers will be created as accompanying advertising measures. Thanks to the preliminary work of Mr. Kutscher, independent graphic designer, the result is coherent.

Intercongress GmbH

The many years of cooperation are paying off. Intercongress entrusts us with the production of the digital artwork for the 61st DGP Congress. The congress is mainly concerned with the lungs and ventilation of patients.

Terumo Deutschland GmbH

For the company we have designed various communication media such as flyers, folders, brochures and roll-ups, which are used at trade fairs and other events.

Wiesbadener Rollladenbau

The family business celebrates its 100th birthday. A revision of outdated signs and the production
of an invitation for the special occasion is carried out.